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Floating Shaft CD® Couplings

May 19, 2010

Floating Shaft CD® Couplings Span Long Distances Between Shaft Ends While Providing Zero System Backlash – Custom Designs Available For Challenging Applications

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Plymouth, Minnesota: Zero-Max Floating Shaft CD® Couplings provide system designers with a torsionally stiff, no backlash option for connecting long distances between shaft ends.

Providing superior misalignment capacity, Floating Shaft CD Couplings can often be a zero-backlash alternative to Cardan Shafts. The unique flex element made of composite material makes it possible to have zero-backlash, high torsional stiffness and very low bearing loads all at the same time. This is because the composite material is designed to be flexible in one plane and stiff in another plane. Composite material is not prone to fatigue and will perform much longer than stainless steel.

Custom designs are available with torque ranges from 270 inch lbs. (30 Nm) to 550,000 inch lbs. (63,000 Nm) and with speed ranges from 500 rpm to 15,000 rpm. They are available in custom lengths from 46 inches to 196 inches and with outside hub diameters of 2.25 to 12 inches.

Depending on the application, a wide range of spacer materials in various thicknesses are available for these couplings including 7075 aluminum, 4340 steel, stainless steel and titanium. In addition, floating shaft couplings may be specified with custom finishes such as nickel plating, black oxide and others. Hub options include clamp style hubs, conventional hubs, as well as custom hub designs.

“Floating shaft CD couplings have been increasingly popular for use in automation systems because of their robust design and torsional stiffness,” reports Robert Mainz, Zero-Max sales manager. “For example, the reciprocating motion in high speed package inserters provides highly accurate results using our Floating Shaft CD couplings. Similar applications include automated shingle manufacturing systems, printing, paper converting, and packaging systems.”

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