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Latest Zero-Max Stainless Steel CD® Composite Disc Couplings Feature Newly Designed Clamp Collars

Sep 22, 2023

Plymouth, Minnesota: Zero-Max CD® Couplings in Stainless Steel are ideal for use in systems where frequent washdowns are required, or where harsh environments could corrode the coupling components. They are often used for food, dairy and clean room applications. Most important, they have a new feature – an enhanced Clamp Collar design to maximize strength and clamping force, which pairs well with the high performance of the CD Coupling.
      Clamp-style hub CD Couplings provide a solid, secure shaft connection by providing a full 360° clamping area around the shaft, compared to a point contact from 1 or 2 set screws in a setscrew-style coupling. The result is a stronger, more secure shaft connection that has the integrity to hold up to demanding applications having high acceleration and deceleration, starting, stopping, indexing, and reversing operating conditions. Clamp-style hubs are superior for withstanding these variables.
(Editor Note: Stainless steel is not as strong when compared to carbon steel, which makes securing a connection to the shaft more challenging. Zero-Max overcomes that with their new enhanced design clamp collar for use on their Stainless Steel CD Couplings thus maximizing strength and clamping force, and increasing performance.)
The newly designed Zero-Max Clamp Collars feature a wider and oversized construction to accommodate larger clamping screws. This new design also features higher strength stainless steel screws, which are stronger than standard grades of stainless steel. The resulting higher strength avoids bolt stretch issues common to stainless steel screws.

The larger high-strength stainless steel clamp screws allow for higher tightening torques, providing higher clamping forces, resulting in increased performance for the stainless steel CD Couplings. These higher clamping forces are critical for obtaining a high transmittable torque and are particularly important for keyless shaft applications.

The new clamp collars also include balancing holes to even-out the mass distribution of the collar. The balancing holes improve the static balance of the coupling for vibration-sensitive or higher speed applications. Dynamic balancing is also available if needed for a specific application.

These couplings feature the unique, patented composite disc design of the original CD Coupling, which has become a world-wide favorite of designers faced with system performance and misalignment challenges. These new stainless steel CD Couplings are available in outside diameters of 3.00 inch (76.2 mm), 3.75 inch (95.3 mm), 4.50 inch (114 mm) and 5.25 inch (133 mm), as standard.  The clamp-style hubs are available with a keyway, or with keyless bores. Bore sizes are available in inch, millimeter, or combinations of each. Other sizes and customizations are available upon request.

In addition to CD Couplings, Zero-Max is a leading provider of motion control and power transmission solutions and one of the industry’s most trusted coupling manufacturers. The company provides shaft couplings, right angle gear drives, overhung load adaptors and other precision motion control components. Zero-Max products are known throughout the world for their innovative designs, high quality, high performance and durability.

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