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ETP-Classic Keyless Shaft Bushings Celebrate 50 Years – Over 1,000,000 Global Installations

Jun 21, 2023

Plymouth, Minnesota: ETP-Classic Keyless Shaft Locking Bushings provide faster, more accurate, and concentric mounting of shaft mounted components compared to mechanical shaft locking bushings. This field-proven solution has been used for over 50 years by tens of thousands of satisfied users across 5 continents and 30 different countries.
The ETP-Classic product was the first hydraulic-based keyless shaft bushing from ETP and it helped launch an expansion over the years into an entire family of ETP Products, including stainless steel versions of the ETP-Classic, as well as a series of single-actuation screw ETP bushings, among other specialized product solutions within the ETP family of products.
The unique ETP keyless bushing design uses a hydraulic principle, incorporating a double walled sleeve encapsulating a pressure medium. When its actuation screw(s) are tightened, the resulting hydraulic pressure forces the inner and outer walls of the bushing to expand uniformly against the shaft and hub of the mounted component.  This hydraulic method for establishing the locked shaft connection evenly distributes the mounting forces to ensure a secure, repeatable, concentric shaft connection of 0.002” TIR or less. When the actuation screw(s) are loosened, the bushing relaxes to its original position allowing for fast and easy dismounting of the connected component. Many ETP keyless bushings can be used for over 1,000 mounting/dismounting cycles, including the ETP-Techno which is rated for up to 5,000 cycles.
Mechanical devices, by comparison, are not as accurate or repeatable for concentricity, as they rely on even tightening of multiple actuation screws to avoid excessive T.I.R.  Mechanical devices are also much more difficult to position as precisely, In contrast, the ETP bushing and mounted component will not move along the shaft as it is tightened.
     Check these important ETP features:

  • Quick Mounting / Quick Installation - only a few screws (as few as 1 in many versions) for installation compared to many screws for comparable mechanical shaft-locking bushings.
  • Quick Dismounting – only a few screws (as few as 1 in many versions) to loosen the connection and remove components for service, without the need for jackscrews or special tools as with many mechanical bushings.
  • Quick Readjustments –reposition a component for product changeover or to synchronize a process; ETP keyless bushings quickly loosen for easy repositioning either angularly or axially, and then remount the component just as quickly.
  • Minimize Downtime – saves time mounting, dismounting, and repositioning.
  • Common size tools and low tightening torque used for installing and for dismounting components for service or changeover of the machine.
  • No need for oversized tools or for holding the shaft from turning when installing or dismounting.
  • Excellent concentricity – the hydraulic principle used in the ETP bushings provides uniform mounting pressure in all directions making for concentric mounting of the component to the shaft.  This minimizes runout of the mounted component and improves balance of the equipment.
  • There is no axial movement as the ETP and its mounted component are installed, making for a more accurate positioning of the mounted component.

See the ETP-CLASSIC video demonstration:  https://youtu.be/dDyiN44sqys
* ETP® trademarks are owned by ETP Transmission AB, Sweden.

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