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Overhung Load Adaptors From Zero-Max Now Available In Double-Male Shaft Models

Apr 22, 2019

Plymouth, Minnesota: Overhung Load Adaptors from Zero-Max are now available in Double-Male Shaft Models. They simplify set-up and installation, provide protection from external contamination, and provide support for overhung loads both radially and axially.

            The Double-Male Shaft OHLA version is a compact, self-contained design that provides a common mounting surface incorporating an input and output shaft. Alignment of both shafts is assured by design. It is a far superior, one-piece solution replacing multiple components often used to make the twin shaft connection.
            Additional features include: sealed housing prevents internal contamination from outside operating environment, saves time and cost of installation, rugged cast iron housing design attractively coated, 130,000 PSI stress-proof steel shafts, ball, tapered roller or spherical bearings available.

            Applications include: (1) Jackshaft designs where the driveline is supported by the OHLA with a small sprocket at one end and a large sprocket at the other end. (2) Pump and blower setups where an electric motor is coupled to one end of OHLA and an impeller or blower fan is mounted and supported at the other end. (3) Power take-off (PTO) where one OHLA shaft end connects to a female spline input on an engine, gearbox or transmission while the other end provides a male output shaft. (4) Female through-bore setups where the OHLA shaft extends through the unit acting as a supporting pillow block bearing and the sealed OHLA housing prevents contamination from the operating environment. 

            In addition to Double-Male Shaft OHLAs, Zero-Max provides a wide range of customized OHLAs required for special application requirements. A new 48-page OHLA catalog features a dedicated section describing the full-range of available special features.

            The catalog has easy-to-follow sizing and selecting information with complete product information to help match up the correct model and size for a particular overhung load application. Models are available with SAE A, B, C, D, E and F mounts with 2 or 4 bolt flanges. Special models are featured with splined, threaded, double-male, and tapered output shafts, as well as special lubrication options and vents. All standard models are available for immediate delivery.

            Call now for the FREE new OHLA catalog 1-800-533-1731.
Outside US and Canada, call 763-546-4300.
Download the catalog at: www.zero-max.com
Email: zero-max@zero-max.com 
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