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High Torque Flanged Gearboxes Provide High Torsional Stiffness Using CD® Couplings From Zero-Max

Jul 15, 2019

Plymouth, Minnesota: Flanged gearboxes are ideally suited for CD Couplings from Zero-Max. They provide high torsional stiffness in precision applications with fluctuating torque loads caused by aggressive acceleration/deceleration and reversing rotation.

            A unique flanged hub on the CD Coupling attaches directly to the gearbox output flange. This direct connection and use of the torsionally stiff CD Coupling construction provides optimal system torsional stiffness and performance.

            The CD Coupling’s high torsional stiffness is due to the coupling’s unique composite disc design. The precision composite material and disc pack design provide a high degree of torsional stiffness while also handling inevitable shaft misalignment in the system.

            CD Couplings are designed to withstand the punishment and stress of flanged gearbox applications. In comparison, other couplings may have high torsional stiffness specifications but can be too brittle to withstand the punishment of high speed reversing loads typically seen in these applications.

            Also important, the coupling’s composite disc withstands all types of environmental elements, including temperature extremes from -70° to +250°F, as well as moisture and a wide range of chemicals. The robust disc and overall coupling design help increase the longevity and reliability of the motion system in which the coupling is used.

            Additional operating features include: zero backlash, smooth operation at high speeds, maintenance free operation and compact size that fits most applications. CD Couplings are durable and have very long life cycles, helping to ensure uptime and throughput for the machines they are used on. 
CD couplings are available in many models and sizes, including custom designs for unusually high speed and dynamic applications such as high speed packaging machinery and automation equipment. Standard models and sizes include single and double flex models with clamp style hubs with or without keyways. The torque capacities range from 20 Nm to over 10,000 Nm with maximum speed ratings from 3000 RPM to 14,000 RPM or higher for custom designs.
            All CD couplings are environmentally friendly and are manufactured of RoHS compliant materials.

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