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Custom CD® Coupling From Zero-Max Provides Extra Parallel Misalignment Capacity In Restricted Operating Space

Sep 17, 2018

special double flex renderingThe challenge: connected motion components in a composite fiber processing system needed extra parallel misalignment capacity to prevent premature bearing failure and oil leakage. The solution: a custom, shortened Double Flex CD® Coupling from Zero-Max.

            In this application, the original machine design called for a single flex, steel disc coupling to connect the system motor to a gearbox.  When operating, the steel disc coupling did not allow enough parallel misalignment to protect the connected components from excess stress and wear. Component failure resulted, causing system downtime, with excess cost and time for restart of the equipment.

            Drawing from experience, Zero-Max engineers proposed a shortened version of its Model 6P60C CD® coupling. Designed with a composite disc center member, this coupling handles the misalignment, minimizing reaction loads in a confined operating space much better than the previously used steel disc coupling.

            Providing a peak torque value of 12,700 in-lbs, the CD Coupling is torsionally stiff and able to operate at speeds up to 4,400 rpm, far above the system’s upper performance requirements. The custom CD Coupling ensures very low reaction loads on the system’s shaft bearings. This custom CD Coupling provides up to 3 degrees angular misalignment with 0.069 (1.8mm) parallel and 0.260 (6.6mm) axial misalignment also allowed. Another nice feature, the coupling has aluminum hubs that have very little inertia.

            The newly modified coupling provided a straight forward solution. It was easy to install by simply removing the failed coupling and connecting the newly modified CD Coupling’s clamp- style hubs in the system’s power train, without having to redesign or relocate any machine components.

            The engineering disciplines Zero-Max applies to its custom coupling applications include: metallurgy and alloy material design, composite disc formation, disc deflection control, precision fastening of components and dynamic coupling balancing. These engineering disciplines require precise control of the coupling body, stiffness properties of the composite disc, and overall weight of the coupling assembly.

            Custom designs from Zero-Max include couplings handling high power in a small space, blind fit couplings, large scale floating shaft couplings, high misalignment and high torque couplings, high speed couplings, high precision couplings – plus many more.

            Zero-Max is ideally qualified as the premier supplier of custom couplings. The technology of the Composite Disc design and the 50-year application acumen of Zero-Max Engineers work together to provide a superior solution for the most demanding coupling needs.

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