Agriculture, Forestry & Road Construction

All three of these industries require larger, heavier, faster and more dependable operating systems in order to compete in today’s global economy. Agriculture equipment is guided by global positioning systems (GPS). Timber processing equipment cuts and laminates without operator interaction. Cold planers for road resurfacing handles large asphalt loads for long periods without service or maintenance.

Zero-Max provides high quality motion control components for all of these demanding, heavy-duty applications. By designing with these components, machine speeds are improved ensuring the system is less prone to breakdown.

Zero-Max offers custom designed components for the agriculture, forestry and road construction industries. As an example, Zero-Max manufactures custom variable speed drives for metering seed and/or fertilizer to allow “on-the-fly” setting changes that enables GPS adjustment for variations in crops and soils.

Zero-Max understands the special needs of these industries and has been a trusted supplier for over 60 years. To help in the designing process, consider these Zero-Max options:

OHLA – overhung load adaptors removes radial loads from hydraulic motors and pumps and prevents system failures due to this type of load.

Seeder/Feeder Drives – seed and fertilizer metering and dispensing systems with mechanical torque limiters.

Variable Speed Drives – infinitely variable speed control for fine metering.

Crown Gear Drives – Spiral bevel gearing in the Crown Gear Drives has increased strength and runs quieter than straight bevel gearing.

Phas- Lok – adjustable speed drives: simple and positive phase adjustment for chain drives.

For more information on components designed for the agriculture, forestry, and road construction industries, contact us or click here to find your local sales representative.