SAE D Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

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Overhung load adaptors absorb stress conditions in hydraulic systems and protect pumps and motor shaft seals from harmful contaminants. Designed to support heavy axial and radial loads, they help prevent premature wear that leads to costly maintenance and equipment downtime. SAE D mount overhung load adaptors feature bolt patterns and pilot diameters that meet SAE D size designations and can be used with conveyor drives, fan drives and other hydraulic-powered machinery.

Extra Heavy-Duty Overhung Load Adaptors for SAE D Mount Motors

Built for durability, our overhung load adaptors feature cast iron housings and 1144 stress proof shafts to provide a sturdy mounting base for SAE D motors and pumps. Our SAE “D” mount OHLAs feature large tapered-roller bearings for heavy-duty applications and are offered with the following standard input bores: 1-3/4" keyed, or 13 tooth 8/16 spline.
Additional features of SAE D overhung load adaptors include:
  • Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
  • Accepts speeds up to 3500 RPM with proper lubrication
  • Standard grease lubrication
  • Horizontal shaft mounting
  • 6” input pilot diameter with 0.500” pilot diameter depth
  • 2-1/4” output pilot diameter
  • Offered in two input bore diameter options

SAE D Mount Options for Overhung Load Adaptors

D mount overhung load adaptors from Zero-Max feature 2-bolt or 4-bolt mounting and extra heavy duty tapered roller bearings for the most demanding hydraulic motor applications. Our SAE D OHLA are designed for horizontal shaft mounting and can accept speeds up to 2500 RPM without modification. SAE D overhung load adaptors are offered in two options:
Model 1136-13S SAE D Mount Overhung Load Adaptors
  • Output Shaft - Keyway: 2.250 - 1/2 x 1/4
  • Input Bore - Keyway: 13 Tooth 8/16 Spline
Model 1136-28 SAE D Mount Overhung Load Adaptors
  • Output Shaft - Keyway: 2.250 - 1/2 x 1/4
  • Input Bore - Keyway: 1.750 - 7/16 x 7/32

Contact Us for SAE D Overhung Load Adaptors and More

Zero-Max manufactures overhung load adaptors in various SAE-standard configurations and in non-SAE and custom options to meet a range of hydraulic motor requirements. Request a quote for SAE D mount OHLA or contact us to discuss your custom application requirements