Setscrew Hub Composite Disc Floating Shaft Couplings

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Setscrew Hub CD Floating Shaft Couplings are ideal for applications where the drive and load components require further spacing from each other. This unique design is torsionally stiff and delivers zero-backlash, superior misalignment capacity, and can be custom manufactured to any length requirement.

Zero-Max’s Setscrew Hub Floating Shaft Couplings use a traditional key/keyway connection to transmit power. This offers good holding power and easy installation. Clamp-Style hubs are also available on Zero-Max Composite Disc Floating Shaft Couplings.

  • Zero Backlash
  • Torsionally Stiff
  • High Misalignment Capacity
  • Excellent for Reversing Loads
  • Very Low Reaction Loads
  • Available in Aluminum, Steel, or Stainless Steel

Set-Screw vs Clamp-Style Composite Disc Couplings

We offer flexible floating shaft composite disc couplings in a broad range of bore sizes, materials, and torque ratings, making it easy to find the right fit for your application. Some of the features that separate set-screw and clamp-style floating shaft CD couplings include:


Set-Screw Hub Floating Shaft Couplings provide the traditional method for connecting the coupling hub to the shaft. Set-screw hubs require a keyway on the shaft and in the coupling, so a key can be used to transmit power. This “traditional” way of connecting couplings to shafts offers good holding power and easy installation.


Clamp-Style Hub Floating Shaft Couplings are the preferred method for connecting the coupling hub to the shaft. Clamp-Style Hubs engage the shaft’s entire circumference providing more holding power with easier installation that will not damage the shaft. These hubs are available with or without keyways, depending on preference and application.

Custom Floating Shaft Composite Disc Couplings

Zero-Max provides custom floating shaft and spacer CD Couplings to meet your unique application and performance requirements. To give you the perfect composite disc floating shaft coupling for your application, we can tailor numerous factors to your exact needs—bore diameters, torque capacity, torsional stiffness, misalignment capacity, overall length, materials, and more. Contact us today to discuss your custom coupling specifications.

Order Zero-Backlash Setscrew Hub Composite Disc Floating Shaft Couplings Today

Zero-Max is your trusted source for setscrew hub composite disc floating shaft couplings. Our setscrew hub composite disc couplings deliver high performance with zero backlash, even in the most demanding motion control applications.
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