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Wind turbine couplings
Wind turbines

Coupling performance in extreme wind and changing climate conditions are just two factors that have an effect on wind turbine performance. A wind turbine coupling must handle these and all adverse conditions perfectly to avoid costly turbine downtime. Zero-Max wind turbine couplings provide the solution. Zero-Max offers the only patented “hell hole” fatigue tested wind turbine coupling.

Withstanding 70,000 Nm of torque, these overload safety couplings allow a surplus of parallel and axial misalignment while remaining torsionally stiff. Zero Max wind turbine couplings do this through all harmonic ranges of the wind turbine’s oscillating load.

Zero-Max Wind Turbine Coupling Benefits

Zero-Max is a trusted and approved designer and manufacturer of driveline couplings for the global wind turbine industry. Zero-Max understands the special requirements of this unique and dynamic industry by offering these benefits:

  • Wind turbine couplings designed and engineered by up-tower professionals.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.
  • Proven, robust and available.
  • Lower life cycle cost (LCC)
  • Coupling designed to directly interchange with existing couplings
  • Fully tested for handling loads beyond the application
  • Unique patented composite disc design withstands environmental conditions.
  • Ideal for wind turbine use in difficult power grid conditions
  • Maintenance free with repeatable consistent quality guaranteed

Zero-Max Wind Products in Europe V47 Coupling



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Wind Turbine Couplings
Wind Turbine Couplings
Wind Turbines
Wind Turbine Couplings
Wind Turbine Couplings
Wind Turbine Couplings
Wind Turbine Couplings
Wind Turbine Couplings
Wind Turbine Couplings


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