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Applications for Zero-Max Motion Control Devices

OHLA™ Overhung Load Adaptors By Zero-Max Provide Motor Bearing Support In Rugged Forestry Shredders

Plymouth, Minnesota: Forestry shredders used to reduce trees and shrubs to mulch employ Zero-Max OHLA™ Overhung Load Adaptors in their rotor power trains. Located between the hydraulic motor and cutters, the OHLA's provide load support to prevent bearing wear to the motor.

forestry shredder overhung load adaptor hydraulic motor

Forestry shredders utilize Zero-Max OHLA™ Overhung Load Adaptors.

OHLA hydraulic motor

These shredders are high productivity machines capable of clearing up to 3 acres of dense trees and brush per hour. By employing OHLA's in the drive train, cutting rotors cut evenly, cleanly and without stress to the hydraulic motor.

Overhung load adaptor cutting rotor

OHLA™ Overhung Load Adaptors.

OHLA™ and OHLA hydraulic motor drives the cutting rotor through a pulley and timing belt system.

Fitted with 50 sharpened cutters, the 28 inch diameter rotor is driven by a fixed displacement hydraulic motor through a timing belt and pulley drive arrangement with speeds up to 3000 rpm. The OHLA™ hydraulic motor package is powered by a variable displacement hydrostatic hydraulic pump, which is driven off of the vehicles main engine system.

In this system the OHLA™ relieves, absorbs and redistributes stress loads, thereby preventing bearing failure, excessive wear of internal motor parts and motor failure.

The OHLA model used in the forestry shredder system is a Model 900 Series with a SAE C mount. OHLA™ models also are available with SAE  A, B, C, D, E and F mounts with 2 or 4 bolt mounting flanges. Models with splined, threaded, double-male and special shafts and other combinations are offered with short lead times. Standard models are available from stock.



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