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Applications for Zero-Max Motion Control Devices

Zero-Max's Crown Gear Drive Makes a Splash in Pool Enclosure Application

openaire vertical glass wall system
OpenAire Vertical Glass Wall System in a Swimming Pool Enclosure on a Cruise Ship uses Zero-Max® IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drives ensuring smooth open and closure operation. 
Plymouth, Minnesota:  The recently released Zero-Max® IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drives are used in the OpenAire Vertical Opening Glass Wall System for a swimming pool enclosure on a Cruise Ship. This retractable Wall System provides a naturally ventilated, healthy, safe, and energy efficient environment made possible with a mechanical drive system utilizing the IP65-Rated Crown Right Angle Gear Drives.(Photo One)

 OpenAire is the world’s premier designer, manufacturer and installer of custom glass wall panels, retractable roof structures, and operable skylights.  The system pictured above shows the retractable swimming pool enclosure which incorporates the Zero-Max IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drives as a critical part of its reliable operation. There are many different applications for this OpenAire window system, including use as a retractable enclosure for patio restaurants.

Retractable Components Powered By A Mechanical Drive System Incorporating IP65-Rated Zero-Max Crown Right Angle Gear Drives

          Retractable vertical opening glass wall systems promote the extensive use of daylight and natural ventilation. Not only do they give access to an outdoor experience, but these systems save significant amounts of energy and contribute to the health and well-being of building occupants. As a result, these glass wall systems may be operated frequently and must provide efficient, trouble-free operation.
IP-65 Right Angle Gear Drive
(Photo Two) The Zero-Max IP65 Right Angle Gear Drive is ideal for the OpenAire retractable glass wall system application. Connected to the mechanical system lead screws, the Right Angle Gear Drives handle the torque and shaft speed requirements of the application.

          To ensure this, OpenAire utilizes a well-planned mechanical system incorporating IP65-Rated Zero-Max Crown Right Angle Gear Drives. These drives deliver dependable and economical transfer of speed and power in an efficient and compact design with quiet operation. (Photo Two). In congregate settings, quiet and smooth operating mechanical features are very important.

          Providing this level of performance is assured with the high precision gears, quality materials and construction of the IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drive. These drives feature spiral bevel gears, having curved teeth that always maintain tooth contact, which are designed to reduce vibration and noise during operation.

          The IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drive features a nickel-plated aluminum housing, stainless-steel shafts, and includes purpose-built shaft seals. It provides an added level of protection to withstand conditions such as frequent washdowns, corrosive elements and outdoor installations that can include temperature extremes, sunlight, rain, humidity and condensation. This fully enclosed design prevents contamination from water, chemicals, and debris, allowing it to hold up to harsher operating environments.

          Another important feature is the IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drives are pre-lubricated, making them a “Lubed-for-Life” design offering maintenance-free operation for the life of the product. Most important, these Zero-Max Crown Gear Drives have been tested by an independent laboratory to obtain the IP65 Certification for ingress protection against dirt and water.

All Weather Design Operates At A Touch Of A Button

          One particular OpenAire project for a patio restaurant consists of 17 of the Vertical-Opening Glass Wall Systems that incorporate the IP65 Crown Gear Drives. Each system has three, two-inch thick panels and measures overall 12 feet high by 15 feet wide.  In addition, there are 13 retractable roof panels incorporated into this OpenAire patio design. The overall system makes for a true open air patio restaurant, providing the maximum “open air” experience, which can be quickly closed-up tight at the touch of a button during cooler or rainy days.

OpenAire Window System Is Comprised Of 3 Glass Panels—Here’s How They Operate

          The bottom window panel is stationary. The upper window panel is directly connected to the lead screws on either side of it. The window panels stack side-by side next to the stationary panel as the upper window panels are lowered, forming a railing when the windows are opened. When the top panel is lowered the middle panel is also lowered until it comes to rest alongside the bottom, stationary panel. Once the middle panel comes to rest, the upper panel is lowered further, sliding alongside the middle panel until it reaches its fully lowered position. The three windows when stacked sided-by-side only require 6 inches of total thickness.
OpenAire Vertical Glass Wall System Manufactured and Assembled at OpenAire Faicility in Ontario, Canada
Photo Three Caption: OpenAire Vertical Glass Wall System manufactured and assembled at OpenAire facility in Ontario, Canada. 

          For each glass window system, two IP65-Rated Crown Right Angle Gear Drives are enclosed in a header beam above the window mechanism. A  Crown Gear Drive is positioned on each side of the window system, with both Crown Gear Drives interconnected by an intermediate shaft, allowing one motor to drive the system. Included are vertical lead screws on both sides of the window system which are connected to the output shafts of the Crown Gears to run the windows up and down. The intermediate shaft connecting the pair of Crown Gear Drives synchronizes the assembly so that each side of the window panel lifts at an even rate, providing a smooth vertical lifting and lowering of the window panels. The framework has all of the mechanical and electrical components concealed within the framework, making for a very clean, contemporary exterior design. (Photo Three).

Zero-Max IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drives Have Universal Applications

           In addition to these OpenAire applications, Zero-Max Crown Right Angle Gear Drives are used in many applications ranging from agricultural equipment to food processing systems. They are available in many sizes and models for a wide range of horsepower, torque and shaft speed requirements. Featuring a low backlash design, all units are precision machined, carefully inspected and come pre-lubricated for a maintenance-free operating life.

          To learn more about OpenAire custom retractable glass wall systems, roof structures, enclosures and operable skylights, visit www.openaire.com or call +1 905-901-8535. Email: sales@openaire.com.  OpenAire is headquartered at 2360B Cornwall Rd., Oakville, ON L6J 7T9, Canada.

          To learn more about Zero-Max IP65-Rated Crown Gear Drives and their applications, log on to: www.zero-max.com or call 1-800-533-1731. Outside the US and Canada call 1-763-546-4300. Email: sales@zero-max.com. Fax: 763-546-8260. Zero-Max is headquartered at 13200 Sixth Avenue North, Plymouth, Minnesota, 55441-5509. You can also talk to a Zero-Max engineer about a specific application.


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