Schmidt Inline Couplings - L485D

Part Number: L485D

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Product Details

Bore Size D1
Bore Size D2
Product Name Schmidt Inline Couplings
Torque (in lb) 18,600
HP/100 (RPM) 29.510
Displacement Parallel (in) 0.06
Displacement Angular (deg) ±0.5
Disc Diameter D (in) 8.475
Coupling Length B (in) 6.373
Disc Width K (in) 1.187
Net weight (lb) 47.000
Inertia (Wk2) (lb-in²) 534.000
Swing Diameter SD (in) 8.630
Center Bore Diameter Z (in) 4.000
Bolt Circle G (in) 5.000
No of Bolts (in) 1/2"-13
Bolt Size M (in) 6.000
Hub Part Number S6034XX
Hub Dimension A (in) 6.25
Hub Dimension B (in) 3.00
Hub Dimension C (in) 3.94
Hub Dimension E (in) 1.00
Hub Dimension Max Bore (in) 2.63
Hub Dimension G (in) 5.00
Hub Dimension Fastener Quantity 6
Hub Dimension Fastener Size 1/2-13x2
Hub Dimension α 60°
Hub Dimension β 60°
Hub Dimension Wt. (lb) 15.5
Coupling Size for Drawing References 485
Material Map always
Source PDF Zero-Max_Schmidt.pdf


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