Schmidt Offset Shaft Couplings - L230C

Part Number: L230C

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Product Details

Bore Size D1
Bore Size D2
Product Name Schmidt Offset Shaft Couplings
Maximum Torque Capacity (in lb) 637
Performance Factor (P) 0.186
Practical Speed Limit (RPM) 2,500
Shaft Displacement S (in) 1.750
Shaft Displacement (S min) (in) 0.437
Shaft Displacement (S max) (in) 1.575
Shaft Displacement (S ml) (in) 3.026
Shaft Displacement Angular (in) 0.020
Coupling Weight (lb) 2.000
Inertia (Wk2) (lb-in²) 2.000
Coupling D (in) 3.00
Coupling B ±.032 (in) 2.75
End Disc Assembly Data Z (in) 1.28
End Disc Assembly Data K (in) 0.38
End Disc Assembly Data G (in) 2.19
End Disc Assembly Data M 8-32
End Disc Assembly Data Number of Bolts 6
End Disc Assembly Data α (deg) 40.00
End Disc Assembly Data β (deg) 80.00
End Disc Assembly Data Bolts Size (in) 8-32 Fl. Hd.
Hub Part Number S6025XX
Hub Dimension A (in) 2.81
Hub Dimension B (in) 1.00
Hub Dimension C (in) 1.75
Hub Dimension E (in) 0.50
Hub Dimension Max Bore (in) 1.13
Hub Dimension G (in) 2.19
Hub Dimension Fastener Quantity 6
Hub Dimension Fastener Size #8-32x3/4
Hub Dimension α 40°
Hub Dimension β 80°
Hub Dimension Wt. (lb) 1.2
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