ETP Power - ETP-P30

Part Number: ETP-P30

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Product Name ETP Power Keyless Shaft Bushings
Transmittable T (ft lb) 391
Transmittable FA (ft lb) 5,845
Transmittable FR (ft lb) 1,798
Polar Moment of Inertia (*10⁻³) (lb-in²) 6.88
Weight (lb) 0.99
Bore Tolerance Upper Limit (in) 1.182
Bore Tolerance Lower Limit (in) 1.181
Bore Tolerance Grade H7
Shaft Tolerance Upper Limit (in) 1.535
Shaft Tolerance Lower Limit (in) 1.534
Shaft Tolerance Grade h8
Dimension (d) (in) 1.18
Dimension (D) (in) 1.54
Dimension (D1) (in) 2.83
Dimension (D2) (in) 3.15
Dimension (L) (in) 1.42
Dimension (L1) (in) 1.97
Screws Dim M10
Screws R (in) 1.02
Screws N (in) 0.20
Screws Tt (ft lb) 0.31
Bores 2xH suitable for MC6S screws (D3) (in) 2.2
Bores 2xH suitable for MC6S screws Screw Dim M6
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