Single Set Screw Type Steel Hubs - 6A67

Part Number: 6A67

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Product Details

Bore Size D1
Bore Size D2
Product Name Single Set Screw Steel Hubs
Continuous Rated Torque (in lb) 10,300
Peak Rated Torque (in lb) 20,600
Torsional Stiffness (in-lb/deg) 61,948
Torsional Stiffness (Nm/Rad) 401,084
Maximum Speed A & B Hub (RPM) 4,300
Misalignments Angular (deg) 3
Misalignments Parallel (in) 0.022
Misalignments Axial (in) 0.150
A Hub Unit Weight At Max Bore (lb) 22.00
A Hub Unit inertia At Max Bore (lb-in²) 111.00
B Hub Unit Weight At Max Bore (lb) 26.50
B Hub Unit inertia At Max Bore (lb-in²) 163.00
Diameter A (in) 6.750
B (in) 2.750
C (in) 0.860
Ga A Hub (in) 4.290
Gb B Hub (in) 5.630
H (in) 2.720
Length L (in) 6.360
X (in) 0.410
LB (in) 3.620
T (in) 1.380
Coupling Size for Drawing References 67
Material Map always
Source PDF Zero-Max_CD_Couplings.pdf


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